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Quarantine Crazy

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

I’ve lost track of what day this is of quarantine. I do know that I’m trying my best to be productive, positive and calm. As a creative storyteller, my goal is to tell stories! The pandemic can try and stop me but I am pushing through.

During this time I’ve jotted down ideas for shoots when the quarantine is lifted. I will be honest... I’ve been antsy to get the (basket)ball rolling! Different ideas have been flowing through my head and I’ve come across awesome creatives who are putting in work as well! I discovered a podcast called & 1 More Thing. Cameron Turner, digital creator, interviews athletes, locals and just plain awesome organizations throughout our culture including Hollywood Melanin. Of course the episode with Chris Copeland stuck out to me the most. I relate to the episode especially now that I’m in limbo from working freelance with the potential of diving into a corporate setting. Even when the quarantine is lifted, Turner has earned an extra pair of ears!

Take a listen for yourself:

I’ll also mention that this time has reminded me why my eating disorder recovery is so important. I’ve had every chance to restrict meals and fall back into previous disordered behaviors. This quarantine is giving me the exposure therapy I didn’t know I needed‬. Reminding myself to stay on track with meals, self care and to understand that there is more to life than the size of my body.

It’s been a whirlwind to say the least. However, the stressors of this pandemic are pushing me to stay on track with eating, work and self care. The biggest reminder and exposure I’ve learned so far is to take a step back to breathe, and that’s perfectly alright.

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